Sharing Your Faith with Muslims

Islam is a religion that accounts for well over a billion people worldwide, and self-professes to be the world’s fastest growing religion. It is a subject that we often hear about through the media, but few Christians have a deep understanding of the Muslim religion or are acquainted with what the Qur’an and other primary Islamic sources actually teach. This means that few are equipped to effectively bring the gospel to their Muslim friends, colleagues and acquaintances. In this presentation, apologist Jonathan McLatchie delves into the primary Islamic sources to investigate what Islam teaches about Jesus, the Trinity, and salvation. He explains how to graciously demonstrate the internal problems and inconsistencies inherent in the Islamic religion; as well as how to explain core Christian doctrines in a way that Muslims can relate to; and how to skilfully and persuasively share the gospel with your Muslim friends.

This presentation was delivered at St. Timothy’s Parish Church, Middlesbrough, England.

Islamic Friend, What Does the Messanger Mohammed Say About the Bible?

The Reliability of God

by Eric Lyons, M.Min. of Apologetics Press

Does God tempt people? Is He the author of confusion? Why did God need to rest after creating the Universe if He is omnipotent? Join Eric as He discusses these and other questions about the reliability of the God of the Bible.

Excuses, Excuses

On Sunday morning a local Classic Country station focuses on Gospel and Christian music. Many of the songs played are call-in requests and are dedications for family members. One of today’s calls was from an older woman who requested this song for her son and grandson. You think she might have had something in mind? I do.


An email exchange between my brother and me.

Brother: After all the turmoil in the world and all the junk (sin) I see being embraced in our government, all I wanted to do last night was read my Bible for some peace of mind and comfort. This world is becoming a scary place or I am become more sensitive to the chaos surrounding me.

My Response: I expressed the same thought to (my wife, name redacted) 3 days ago. This world is so full of sin that the statement Paul makes in Romans that no one is righteous, no not one is so true. I then read her a story from the internet where a woman in Ohio sold her child for sex in order to get heroin. She would sometimes drug her daughter and then sell her so men could have their way with her so she could get money for heroin. Disgusting!

I often wonder why God allows this world to continue with stuff like this happening. Then I realize it is because He loves mankind so much he is willing to wait for one more person to embrace his Son, one more person to give up on themselves and others and give it all to Him. Just one more…

At times I want to curl up in a ball on my sofa and let the world go by but I know I have been put here for a purpose, to help others to know, love, serve and share Jesus Christ. I must influence where I can, love where I can and help others where I can, all in an attempt to bring people out of darkness and into the light and Kingdom of Christ!

A Fragment of the Gospel of Mark Found in Mummy Mask

A story from LiveScience reports a portion of the book of Mark has been found as part of a mummy mask. The papyrus had been used to record the book of Mark but was later re-used as part of the mask. LiveScience reports:

A text that may be the oldest copy of a gospel known to exist — a fragment of the Gospel of Mark that was written during the first century, before the year 90 — is set to be published.

At present, the oldest surviving copies of the gospel texts date to the second century (the years 101 to 200).

This first-century gospel fragment was written on a sheet of papyrus that was later reused to create a mask that was worn by a mummy. Although the mummies of Egyptian pharaohs wore masks made of gold, ordinary people had to settle for masks made out of papyrus (or linen), paint and glue. Given how expensive papyrus was, people often had to reuse sheets that already had writing on them.

The discovery of this copy of Mark adds further evidence of the validity of the Bible.